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College English (3)(4)

College English(3)(4)  Required 4 Credits

English Presentation and Oral Communication

“English Presentation and Oral Communication” is designed for upper-intermediate students to enhance their skills for presentation and communication. In addition to English language learning, it particularly focuses on the techniques of expression and communication, making students have the ability to talk, describe, and present either just an idea or a project easily. At the end of the course, students are required to give a five-minute presentation.

Business English Communication

This course, focusing on the practice of speaking and listening skills, is designed for students of intermediate level and aims at preparing students to get ready to use English for business world, i.e. communicating effectively in English in a variety of business situations, both social and work.

Workplace English

Workplace Office English is a basic course designed for lower-intermediate students, which aims to help students develop both capacity and confidence while using common vocabulary and phrases in the office, and improving their conversation ability. At the end of the course, students can express their own opinions freely and learn to communicate with their colleagues or clients smoothly in the work environment.

Practical English Writing

This course is designed to develop students’ practical writing skills for their future use in work and life. In addition to the introduction of standard formats of business writing such as resumes, letters, and emails, this course also contains work on language forms, related grammar, linguistic expressions, writing styles, and cultural aspects for appropriate communication. As a result of taking this course, students will be able to express ideas and intentions more clearly and effectively in daily communicative situations.