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English Corner 2016






October 18

What are the role of cell phones and computers in our classrooms?

(Apple releases iPhone 7 and Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7)

October 19

Climate Change- what are some solutions to help our world?


October 25

Life on Mars and intergalactic travel- Is this a journey humanity is ready to embark on?

October 26

Artificial Intelligence in film— should robots live along side humanity?


November 1

If you could chat with a celebrity, author, artist, filmmaker, president, activist, etc., who would it be? Why?

November 2

United States Presidential Election 2016 — who should be the next president?

November 8-9(mid-term) No Class


November 15

EATS! What snacks are your favorite? What are some of Taiwan’s signature snacks? Discuss various cultures’ cuisine

November 16

Role of Facebook- could we live without it?


November 22

Farming of the Future- a closer look at Seed the Untold Story Documentary

November 23

Plastic bags- ban em?


November 29

Are you sleeping enough?

November 30

Time lapse photography— can photography help us see the natural world ?


December 6

What is a cyborg artist? — Watch video of a woman who dances with earthquake activity

December 7

Art in the 21st century— What does art mean to you? Discussion of

Ai Wei Wei


December 13

What do we do with leftovers? Pros and cons of Foodshare programs

December 14

Do we still listen to the radio?— how are we listening and who are we listening to (Music and News)


December 20

Endangered Species— species of bee added to endangered species list, is humanity in trouble?

December 21

Compassion and role of pets in our life


December 27

Women’s health and role of women in modern society

December 28

Exploring LGBTQ communities and cultures around the world  (Viceland— Ellen Page and Ian Daniel)




English Corner 2017
March 20
How to! — Tell us how to do something. Bake a cake, change a tire, build a table, etc.
March 21
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
March 27
The zoo and animals in captivity— what are some advantages and disadvantages of the zoo?
March 28
Art Take Over— All schools should make it a requirement to teach arts and music to their students?
April 3-5(Spring Break) No Class
April 10
Fast food nation— should this be a global phenomenon ?
Should fried foods come with a warning?
April 11
Take it to the streets!— pos and cons of protests and discussion of free speech in democracy
April 17-21(mid-term) No Class
April 24
Are you a risk taker? Why/why not?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of taking risks?
April 25
Is crime a big problem in your city/country?
Have you ever been a victim of crime?
What crime is common in your city/country?
May 01
How do you deal with your problems?
What problems do you come across in your work or life?
Do you feel that problems are opportunities? Why or why not?
May 02
How important is learning? Why?
Besides English, what are you currently learning?
What things are you good/bad at learning? Why?
May 08
How often do you watch TV?
What do you think will be the future of television?
If you had your own TV show, what would it be like?
May 09
How well do you manage your money?
Why do some people have money problems?
How often do you save money? Why?
May 15
Discussion of the draft— Who should serve in the military?
May 16
War, what is it good for?
Pros and cons of war, is it the only solution?
May 22
Pick a film and present it to a partner. What is the genre? What language is the film in? Summarize the film. What is your opinion of the film?
May 23
Graphic Novels— the future of story telling?
Define graphic novels and write our own comics
May 5-6(Dragon Boat Festival) No Class
Do celebrities make for bad role models?
Who are some of your role models?
Exploring LGBTQ communities and cultures around the world (Viceland— Ellen Page and Ian Daniel)
June 12
Women’s health and role of women in modern society
Are beauty pageants a way to objectifying women?
June 13
Is it unethical to eat meat?